Weight Gain of Nellore Breed, Nellore X Angus cross breed and mixed cattle at confinement termination





industrial crossing, daily average gain, intensive system


This work was carried out to evaluate productive characteristics in Nellore, Cross breed (Nellore vs. Aberdeen Angus) and mixed cattle in order to compare animals performance in fed lot.  It was analyzed the fattening of 2797 Nellore cattle, 2774 crossbred cattle (½ Angus vs. ½ Nellore) and 2614 Crossbred cattle (no defined breed). The data referring to IAW (Initial Average Weight), FAW (Final Average Weight), and DG (Daily Gain) demonstrated the superiority of ½ Angus vs. ½ Nellore animals related to Nellore and mixed cattle. The CY (Carcass Yield) the mixed cattle had similar performance in comparison to ½ Angus vs. ½ Nellore. The AHCW (Average Hot Carcass Weight) cross breed animals were higher. The cost of production for the three genetic groups was similar but profitability was higher in the cross-breed group. Nellore showed a profit of R $ 241.30;  cross-breed, R $ 451.71 and , mixed cattle  R $ 15.44 per animal. It is concluded that when the main characteristics related to the profitability of production in intensive system were evaluated, the most prominent genetic group was the cross-breed ½ Angus vs. ½ Nellore, and regarding the economic viability of the activity, it becomes profitable when  animals are from the most nutritionally efficient genetic groups, due to the high DAG, reduce production costs, thereby increasing the profitability of the activity.


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Weight Gain of Nellore Breed, Nellore X Angus cross breed and mixed cattle at confinement termination. (2020). Boletim De Indústria Animal, 77, 1-10. https://doi.org/10.17523/bia.2020.v77.e1481